What Are The Pros And Cons Of CBD Edibles?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, derived from the flowers, buds, and leaves of the Cannabis Saiva or the hemp plant is popular among users. Health and wellness products infused with it are used for mitigating ailments like muscle and joint pain, headaches, improving the quality of nighttime sleep, etc. Among the different types of cannabidiol-infused products, edibles like CBD gummies have high demand because they can be easily consumed. Also, when you eat them, you get systemic relief from discomforts. Read on to know more about the pros and cons of CBD edibles.

Understanding CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis family plants. Legally available CBD products are made using the extracts of hemp plant strains that contain less than 0.3% THC. When you consume CBD and THC together, the former will reduce the adverse effects of the latter.

How Does CBD Produce Its Effects?

CBD produces its effects by stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It controls a range of functions like sleep, appetite, mood, body temperature, metabolism, etc. In short, the ECS regulates homeostasis, and any imbalance in it can make you fall sick.

CB1 and CB2 are ECS receptors. Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts mainly with the CB2 receptors, which are mainly associated with the immune system. Furthermore, the effects of CBD like reducing inflammation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, calming down, and improving the quality of sleep are due to this.

The Pros Of CBD Edibles

  • Fixed dose per serving
  • Minimal risk for overdosing
  • Effects last longer, i.e., more than 6 hours
  • Easy to consume or administer

The Cons Of CBD Edibles

  • Low CBD bioavailability
  • The onset time for CBD effects ranges between 45 to 60 minutes
  • Less effective for discomforts like chronic pain as the onset time is more.

The Bioavailability Of CBD Edibles

The main disadvantage of CBD edibles is that the bioavailability of cannabidiol is low, i.e., it is 6-10%. This is because a significant amount of it is eliminated in the digestive system during the digestion process.

On a final note, you must consult a doctor before using CBD edibles for health benefits because it might not be equally effective for all. In addition, the doctor will be able to help you find the ideal CBD dosage for you.