CBD Shatter: What Are They And How To Use Them?

CBD Shatters
CBD Shatters
CBD Shatters

CBD shatters have been in and around in the news, but very few among us know what it is, and how to use it. It is a CBD concentrate that is generally characterized by high purity levels and an even high percentage of CBD in them.

CBD shatter is regarded one of, if not, the most purest form of potent cannabidiol that can be dabbed, or inhaled with the help of a vaporiser so as to deliver its benefits.

 For those who are still up in the air, worry not, we shall walk you through what CBD shatters are and how you can get the best of it for yourself.

What Are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs or the lesser known, CBD concentrates, is obtained by means of separating the cannabinoid-rich- resins from the hemp flower in which it is grown. The resin is obtained from the translucent glands that grow on the periphery of cannabis flowers- the glands are called trichomes.

What this translates into is that the higher the number of trichomes on the plant, the higher will be the potency of the concentrate. The concentrates such as powders and shatters can reach up to 99% of the active compounds.

What Do CBD Shatters Offers?

People make use of CBD shatter, for the same reason that they make use of CBD oil- so as to get high concentration of CBD into their systems. The pain or inflammation relief needed may be quick, and it is for this reason that people consume this form of CBD. Here is why you may want to consider adding this in:

  • High Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD that actually reaches your bloodstream. The CBD that you ingest is broken down to an extent based on the mode of delivery. In the case of edibles, the bioavailability is low at a measly 10% or lower. For shatters, however, the number is significantly higher at 56%. This means that you can get faster relief and boost the effects of your dose.

  • It Gets To Work Fast

When you inhale CBD fumes, the fumes make their way to the lungs. By doing so, the active compounds are saved from having to undergo ‘first-pass’ effect in the liver. The CBD then makes its way directly to the bloodstream, from where it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in mere minutes. One can cut short the time, and get the benefits of CBD quickly.

  • Perfect For Use During The Day

Taking CBD dabs is a great way of promoting focus and energy, and doing so in the morning can help you take your efficiency to overdrive. One can even take it during the evening to mellow out and improve the quality of sleep during the night. One can reduce stress, anxiety and help you remain centered throughout the day.

  • It Is Very Easy To Dose

You know exactly how much of CBD dabs you have to ‘scoop’ on a sitting. The CBD dabs are then placed within the compartment of the vaporizer and inhale it. You will know exactly how much to ‘scoop’ based on the effects you want to experience, and how soon you want them.

Are CBD Shatters And Wax The Same Thing?

They have plenty of similarities- to begin with, they are both concentrates. They have a color that is striking amber yellow, and people might often confuse one for the other.

You can separate them by means of examining the texture and consistency. Wax, has a dull waxy-like consistency. Shatter on the other hand is harder to touch, and thicker as well. There is a certain shimmer to it too.

How To Make Use Of CBD Shatter?

Shatter doesn’t only have to be inhaled. You may also infuse the goodness of CBD shatters by means of cooking it in fats so as to make potent CBD edibles. However, the downside to doing so is the degradation of terpenes and the cannabinoids, due to high temperatures. Because of this, there will be a fall in the potency.

The best method to get the most out of shatters is through dabbing. It is the process of flash-vaporizing CBD concentrates on a device that is commonly called the dab rig. The rig is similar to a smoking bong that has water within its chamber. To use, all you need to do is to scoop out a small “dab” and drop it into the red-hot nail that is heated prior. Upon contact, there is sudden vaporization, and the fumes of CBD are created.

CBD shatters can be used in vape pens as well, which are portable devices that heat the CBD dabs under low temperatures and gradually bump it up. This allows in extracting most of the active ingredients that are present in the CBD mix.

You only need a dab-size of CBD shatter because you will be inhaling an extremely potent product- at an astonishing 90% CBD potency. Read here to learn about more ways to enjoy CBD.