How To Make CBD Honey Sticks?

CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks
CBD Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticks, the versatile cannabidiol product option has quite a big fan base. They can be used as a topical or as an edible, whichever way you like it. CBD honey sticks come in two formats, one is the solid stick of CBD-infused hardened honey and the other is the straw filled with CBD honey.

Reputed manufacturers use organic, local honey and infuse high quality hemp extract to it in order to make CBD honey.

How To Make CBD Honey Sticks?

CBD honey sticks are available in markets but if you want to make them on your own, you can try it at home.  Making CBD honey stick on your own gives you better control over its potency.


  • Unflavored CBD isolate (powdered) or CBD tincture
  • 2 cups of organic honey
  • Straws

Preparation Of CBD Honey

  1. Place a glass measuring cup inside a saucepan filled with water and heat the water to 95°F. You may have to use a thermometer to correctly measure the temperature.
  2. The glass should sit inside the saucepan until it attains the same temperature as the water.
  3. Add the CBD product into the measuring cup. The amount added will depend on the strength you require in the final product.
  4. Add honey to the top and stir the mixture well. Honey that might be stiff in the beginning will loosen up due to the heat.
  5. Remove the saucepan from the stove and let the honey cool.

CBD Honey Sticks

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Take a plastic straw and hold it at ¼ inches from one of its openings. Then bring that opening end near the flame and hold it until the plastic begins to melt.
  3. Using needle-nose pliers, clamp that end shut and move it away from heat to allow the plastic to seal.
  4. Pour CBD honey into the straw through the other end leaving enough space to seal that end.
  5. Seal the end following the same procedure used to seal the first end.

CBD honey sticks deliver the benefits of CBD and honey in the easiest of ways. You can take it sublingually, apply it as a topical or crunch on solid honey sticks. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants that helps prevent the oxidative stress caused by free radicals in our body. CBD honey allows you to take the right dose of CBD whenever you want it. Read here to learn how to make CBD chocolate!