Why Should You Check The Label Of CBD Products?

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Nowadays, you will find CBD products everywhere especially in the healthcare and beauty section of supermarkets. You might know that CBD is legal, but that does not mean all these products you see are regulated. There is no guarantee that the manufacturers make products of food quality. Therefore, it is necessary that you ensure the product is tested in a lab before purchasing it.

Why Are CBD Products Unregulated?

CBD, derived from a member of the cannabis family, had been classified as useless and not given any value until it was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill in the US. According to the bill, CBD extracted from hemp which contains lesser than 0.3 percent THC is legal.

Even though the process of acceptance among customers and manufacturers were quick, the same cannot be said about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have not taken many steps to keep track of how CBD products are made.

The reason why CBD manufacturing is not regulated is that it is the cousin of THC, a psychoactive compound. Before CBD was legalized, it was not considered different from THC. And not all CBD was legal. Pure CBD which is extracted from hemp containing lesser than 0.3 percent THC is legal. This means that, hemp has to be cultivated by a licensed owner- cutting out the chances of there being any illegal CBD around.

However, last year, the FDA approved a new CBD medicine to treat epilepsy. This gives the consumers and the industry hope that CBD manufacturing will be regulated in the future. Till then, it is the responsibility of the consumer to research the brand before they buy it.

What Should You Look For In A Manufacturing Company?

Our aim here is to make sure that the manufacturer is maintaining the quality and authenticity of the product.

Visit their website and look for reviews. Getting to know what their previous consumers have to say will help you have a clearer idea about the brand.

Look for their process. Transparency of their process will tell you their intentions. Check whether they use natural ingredients from a legal and authentic source. Ensure that they test their products themselves and also assign third-party to do the same. Now, you have an easier way to get CBD. Buy CBD oil online quickly without any hassles. You will also get other CBD products online. Learn more CBD facts here.