What to Consider When Choosing between CBD Gummies and CBD Tincture

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Eat CBD Gummies
Eat CBD Gummies

CBD is becoming more and more popular, so you have various CBD products to pick from. This aspect can be rather overwhelming, especially for one who is buying it for the first time. Tincture oil and gummies are among the most common forms of cannabidiol, so let us see which one is right for you.

The percentage of the CBD dose that will reach the bloodstream unchanged is what you should consider first when buying. You must keep this aspect in mind as you choose between CBD tincture and CBD gummies. Cannabidiol’s bioavailability means how quickly the body will be able to absorb CBD so that the body can experience this substance’s benefits. You may prefer to eat CBD gummies, but do you know whether it will reach your bloodstream quicker than the tincture product version?

Speed of CBD’s Effects

Almost everyone uses cannabidiol for relief from anxiety, inflammation and pain. With this in mind, the quicker CBD starts to do what it is meant to, the more successful the product will be. Cannabidiol tinctures are a better option than the gummies in terms of the pace of relief because the former’s bioavailability is higher than the latter’s. When taking an amount of, put it under the tongue for speedier relief. The sublingual application will fast track CBD to the bloodstream, so the relief will be speedier than if you take the substance in some other way.

Conversely, gummies give delayed effects because these are metabolized much slower than CBD tinctures. Cannabidiol has to pass through the digestive system before the liver breaks it down, so a part of CBD will be lost even before it gets into your bloodstream.


CBD tinctures tend to come in mint, tropical, lemon and orange flavors. In most cases, CBD tinctures taste pretty good, but you can find unflavored versions of the tinctures. You can add these unflavored ones to smoothies or coffee. Gummies will taste better than tinctures as the former are offered in various tart and fruity flavors.

Serving Size

The potency of your cannabidiol product will be on the bottle or outside of its package. This makes it easy for you to see the amount of CBD you will ingest. Still, depending on the way in which you use CBD tincture dropper, administering the right dose can occasionally be tricky for you. It is easier to measure how much cannabidiol you will ingest, because every single piece has a specified quantity.

Final Thoughts

For immediate relief, your best option might be CBD tinctures. If you are not seeking immediate relief, however, popping some gummies daily would be a straightforward way to add it to your everyday routine.