Is It Safe To Use CBD For Children?

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Cannabidiol products are popular due to its benefits, and adults are using it for the treatment of many ailments like inflammation, insomnia, anxiety etc. This is because these are of herbal origin, lack side effects and do not pose the risk of forming addictions. As a result, manufacturers are releasing different types of CBD infused health and wellness products into this booming market. One of the doubts among its users is “Is cannabidiol CBD safe to use for children?” the answer is yes; read on to know more.

Is It Legal To Give CBD For Children?

Legally available CBD products are made using hemp extracts which also contain the psychotropic cannabinoid THC. It is illegal to give THC to children according to federal and state level drug laws. Having said that, it does not cause any mind altering effects and you can give pure CBD products to children for their ailments. You must consult with the child’s physician before giving them any cannabidiol supplement.

Will CBD Make Children High?

No, cannabidiol CBD will not make children high, especially legal CBD products. This is because they are made using hemp plant extracts that contain less than 0.3% THC and this is very low to produce any psychotropic effects. Besides, you can buy supplements made using CBD isolate or 99% cannabidiol that is free from THC.

Benefits Of Giving CBD For Children

Epilepsy: Pure CBD is useful for treating drug resistant epilepsy in children due to cannabidiol’s neuroprotective effect. The FDA has approved a CBD derived drug Epidiolex for the treatment of Dravet’s syndrome and Lennox Gastaut syndrome (LGS) in children.

Anxiety: Just like adults, children also suffer from anxiety issues that can affect their social behavior and in most cases medication is not required. CBD is useful because of its anxiety reducing effect.

Autism: It has been found that administering regulated doses of CBD oil to children suffering from autism increased their general activity and made them more manageable. It is a neurodegenerative disorder, and it is assumed that CBD is useful due to its neuroprotective effect along with improving neurological functioning.

How To Give Cannabidiol CBD To Children?

Oils: The most popular and easiest way to administer CBD is in the form of oils as you can easily regulate the dosage and can be added into food, juices and other edible preparations.

Gummies: The best CBD gummies for children come in various tasty flavors and shapes that make them easy for consumption.

Using CBD for treating ailments in children is not very popular, but it is a good alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that have side effects. Learn more about CBD and children here.