Is Using Cannabidiol When Breastfeeding A Safe Thing To Do?

CBD And Breastfeeding
CBD And Breastfeeding
CBD And Breastfeeding

Cannabidiol has been trendy among people as a health and wellness product over the last few years. According to some individuals, the hemp compound helps to relax and improve sleep. Therefore, new mothers experiencing sleepless nights due to breastfeeding in late hours, imperfectly balanced hormones, or postpartum depression and anxiety, may be interested in CBD’s benefits.

Cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids have been through much scrutiny as treatment options for anxiety, sleep and so forth. Those cannabinoids are potentially beneficial for insomnia and stress that occur in the short term and long run. Now, does that mean that it pays to use cannabidiol for a nursing mother? Read on to know more regarding CBD and breastfeeding and help answer that question.

The Science About Cannabidiol While Breastfeeding

It is impossible to test an infant, so not much is known regarding how safe it is to use cannabidiol when nursing. The known things emerge from research regarding marijuana and nursing. As per a recent study from the University of California, tetrahydrocannabinol was quantifiable in almost every breast milk sample for as many as 6 days once the mother used THC.

Therefore, experts recommend avoiding the utilization of full-spectrum CBD items when pregnant or breastfeeding up to the time we realize more details about the matter. There is no accurate study that shows how long cannabidiol stays in the body system, said the Gynecology Institute of Chicago’s founder Nicole Williams. She also said that it is likely to be only some days or even weeks.

That is to say, you cannot treat cannabidiol like wine in the event of breastfeeding. The FDA does not regulate cannabidiol, plus very little is realized regarding its safety when breastfeeding. We cannot tell whether it would be there in the breastmilk. In this case, Nicole Williams rhetorically says that it is not worth taking the risk.

Is Any Form Of Cannabidiol Safe To Use When Breastfeeding?

As per Williams, in the case of cannabidiol, a ‘safe’ level is non-existent for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Anyhow, it is most possibly slightly safer to use CBD topical products while breastfeeding, such as CBD balms and salves. Why? Because those forms of CBD cannot go into the flowing blood. As for some women, using a topical item for sore nipples or muscles may be OK if you clean that area before breastfeeding. Anyhow, make sure of speaking to a doctor first about its safety level.