Two Tried And Tested Ways Of Masking The Taste Of CBD Oil

Taste Of CBD Oil
Taste Of CBD Oil
Taste Of CBD Oil

Many people use CBD daily to relax after a stressful day. However, not many are fond of the distinctive taste of CBD oil. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant as the plant grows in soil, CBD oil can have an earthy and woody taste, which does not fall in the bearable spectrum of many people’s palate. Nonetheless, not to worry. Here, we will discuss ways to mask the taste of CBD oil to improve your CBD experience.

How To Mask That Earthy Flavor? 

Apart from buying a flavored CBD oil, there are numerous ways in which you can mask the earthy taste of CBD oil. Some of the ways are discussed below.

Take CBD Oil With Something Sweet 

This is a very simple trick that can help you avoid the earthy flavor of CBD oil. For instance, you can have a spoon of honey when you add CBD oil drops under your tongue. You can also take a sip of soda or juice and hold it in your mouth when the CBD oil is being absorbed sublingually. The only problem with this method is that you are diluting the CBD oil and your body might only receive less CBD.

Brush Your Teeth Just Before Use 

Yes, this is also one of the working techniques with which you can mask the taste of CBD oil. To understand this, think of a time when you ate any citrus fruit or drank lemon juice just after brushing your teeth. It might be the most unpleasant experience that you have experienced. This is because toothpaste can nullify the ability of your tongue to taste some flavors. Therefore, when you eat something just after brushing your teeth, it will taste completely different, even though the food has not changed.

This technique can also work with CBD oil. All you have to do is, brush your teeth right before adding CBD oil under your tongue. The oil might taste bitter, but you will not notice the flavor as much as if you had taken the oil in the usual way. Combining this technique with the popular trick of holding your nose can give you better results. You might be familiar with the trick of holding your nose to cope with some awful taste on your tongue and this trick does work.

These are two ways in which you can mask the woodiness and earthiness of CBD oil.