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CBD For Migraines
CBD For Migraines

As the CBD market is booming quickly, a wide variety of CBD products are available to purchase. Some of the popular products are Gummies, CBD oil, Tincture and CBD Vape. Since these products are sold as supplements rather than medical products there is a huge discrepancy regarding dosage when consuming CBD products. The bioavailability of CBD in your blood stream is dependent on the mode of consumption and dosage. Because, the need, physiology and CBD tolerance varies from person to person, there is no one fit all CBD dose. So, how do you find the ideal dose?

Finding the ideal dose of CBD can be quite tricky. It requires patience and a trial and error method. These rules of thumb will help you to find the optimal CBD dose.

Go Slow and Steady

Begin with a fairly low dose and wait for the onset. Cannabidiol CBD products have different onset times. For example the onset time of CBD tincture is 15 to 30 minutes whereas when you vape CBD oil you might feel the effects in 1 to 5 minutes.  But, when you don’t feel the effects after waiting the duration of regular onset time of CBD product, you can take another dose and repeat the procedure until you find the optimal dosage. It is ideal to begin with taking a dose of 1 to 5 mg of CBD per 10LBS of body weight.

Treating Chronic and Acute Issues

It is advisable to stay consistent when treating chronic pain and illness. Consuming small and consistent dose over long term is the best way to treat chronic issues. Maintain a fixed dose per day for a week and then increase if needed as it lets the endocannabinoid system to adapt to your CBD intake. In acute issues such as, using CBD for migraines it is better to opt for Tincture over edibles because of its quicker onset and higher bioavailability. Begin with 5 to 10mg sublingually and wait for 30 to 45 minutes. If you don’t experience the desired effect, try another 5 to 10mg and repeat the process until you find the ideal dosage. But, sometimes taking higher doses of CBD makes it less effective.

Fluctuations in CBD Dosage

Your optimal CBD dosage may vary over time. It is assumed that there are two reasons for this fluctuation. Either, CBD requirement is less because the endocannabinoid system (ECS) got the boost it required and your body can optimally function without CBD supplement or you may require more CBD because it is balancing ECS at a deeper level.

Final Thoughts

The above steps might intimidate you, but it is similar to any other treatment procedures. Above all, patiently listen to your body, understand what it needs and adjust the dose accordingly.